November 15, 2017
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What’s Medical Transcription? Find More Details Here!

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 4 Years ago
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Hospitals, clinics and privately-practicing doctors deal with a large number of patients every single day. Maintaining records of patients and their medical history, especially the prescriptions, admissions and discharges, is more than important. Medical transcription is the process through which a dictation file or voice recordings of doctors and physicians are typed into a Word document to create authentic and readable records. Over the years, medical transcription has become a relevant branch of the healthcare industry, and instead of hiring a full team of transcriptionists, most hospitals and clinics prefer outsource the job.

How does it work?

There are companies that specialize in medical transcription services. You need to send the dictation file or voice record to the concerned service and they will do the transcription for you. Once that’s done, the record will be stored on an online platform or can be interfaced with the EHR or EMR system. Since everything is maintained in a readable format on the web, anyone authorized to get the documents and records can get access to the same. Some of the services are available 24/7, so if you need a transcribed record right away, you can place a request for that, as well.

Know more

Most medical transcription services will set up a process, through which they will access the audio files from your end. They will also find a way of sending the transcribed files. Some of the companies also deal with medical coding and billing, which can be an added advantage. The process of medical transcription depends on the client. So, if you want the entire work to be done in a specific way, the concerned service will take care of that. Also, you can expect to pay a fair and transparent price for each record or for the whole job.

Getting medical transcription services is not a choice anymore. Insurance companies are interested in these records, and in case the patient needs to be referred somewhere, they will need the record to take the treatment forward. Doctors use transcribed files from time to time to discuss things with other healthcare experts and to decide the line of treatment. You can check online to find more on medical transcriptions, and before you hire a service, do check if they have a genuine support system. If required, you can also check more about their clients and can even ask for references. Find medical transcription services now!

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