July 13, 2019

Three Different Types Of Eyecare Professionals

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 2 Years ago
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In order for us to do the things, we need to do in this world, whether it’s driving, eating, going to work, or many miscellaneous things you need to have sight of them. If you don’t then that means you won’t be able to get as many things done in life as you should. You can wear contacts, glasses, or if your vision is that bad then you would need to get a service dog or glasses that fit blind people. You need your eyes to everything. There is nothing in this world that you can’t do without seeing. If you can’t see then you will need to visit a doctor for eye care.

The first eye care professional is the optometrist. The optometrist is the number one eye care professional. Over 70% of people go see an optometrist every day. Optometry is the visual health care that has to do with your eyes. If you think that you need glasses, your vision is blurry, you have problems with eye site period then you visit an eye care doctor. Optometrist gets paid to examine your vision, run tests on your eyes, prescribe contact lenses and glasses to patients, and diagnose your eyes and tell you how to treat visual disorders.

The second eye care professional is the ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist is an eye care doctor that will come after the optometrist. If you need further assistance then you can go to the optometrist. The ophthalmologist is seen every day around the world. An ophthalmologist is there for prescribing contact lenses and glasses. Ophthalmologist are more of an emergency room for visual care. Ophthalmologist treat vision diseases, prescribe medications for vision.

A lot of the time ophthalmologist do scientific research for vision care, diseases disorders, and everything. If your vision is to the point where they can’t do anything for you then they may recommend a specialty eye institute. The specialty eye institute can run some tests on your vision and give you the answers you need about your vision.

The third eye care professional is the Orthoptist. The Orthoptist is an eye care doctor who is certified who works right under an Ophthalmologist. What they do is evaluate the visual order and treat them. They usually work in a pediatric setting. They check injuries and side effects. Orthoptist is usually found in a doctors office and hospital setting. Usually, patients are referred here from different types of eye doctors. The ophthalmologist can refer patients to an Orthoptist when they can’t find out what’s wrong with them.

In conclusion, I think that each and every one of these eye care professionals is important and are needed. Millions of people wear glasses because they feel like something’s wrong with their eyesight. An optometrist is needed so that you can see what’s wrong with your eyes, they have to prescribe your glasses/contacts or send you somewhere to get you proper help.

Ophthalmologist are needed because it’s a step next after an Optometrist. They can help a lot more with your vision than an Optometrist can. It’s like an emergency doctor for people with bad vision. Orthoptist is more of a help to a visual care physician. They assist the eye care doctors when needed too. If you are ever in need of a visual checkup I would start with an Optometrist and then let them refer me to a different eye care physician. It really helps when you research when it comes to your health.

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