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Symptom Checker: Consult a Doctor from the Comfort of Your Own Home

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 2 Years ago
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Everyone has at least one experience in the doctor’s office where they had to wait many hours for a simple general consultation. This is one reason why many people avoid going to the doctor for simple aches and pains and check online instead. The danger with checking online for your symptoms is that you are likely to compare your condition with general observations. Self-diagnosing is harmful and may end up worsening your situation.

What if you had the option to get a consultation with the help of a general practitioner through an application? This technology is already in practice and many people can take advantage of an online symptom checker for convenience.

What is an online symptom checker?

What this technology does is to connect a patient with a general practitioner through an application on their smartphone. The range of services includes primary care services for chronic diseases, getting a sick note when you aren’t able to go to work, getting a prescription that is approved by the NHS, and many others.

This application also allows patients to have handy access to a list of symptoms that relate to common illnesses. The patient can then make an appointment with a general practitioner through a video consultation.

The main advantage of an online symptom checker is that you are connected with general practitioners and not simply relying on web searches to diagnose your illness. Should there be a need for you to get secondary care services, the doctor will refer you to the hospital for further care. Some examples of secondary care include medical tests such as X-rays.

Never having to wait again

Although it is a fact that this is not a fool-proof method to eliminate the wait-time of consultations, this certainly adds to the convenience of not having to dress up and go out of the house just to see a doctor. You can wait for your video appointment in the comfort of your own home, or in the office during your lunch break.

A wide range of conditions treated

Some may feel hesitant that an online symptom checker may not cover certain diseases. The truth is, it can help with the diagnosis and treatment of a myriad of health conditions, except for emergency cases where immediate treatment is necessary.

The future of medicine

Technology has always worked hand in hand with medicine. Without such advancements, medical practitioners would not be as effective as they are today. It is indeed fitting that with the prevalence of smartphones, the medical industry is aligned with keeping up with a fast-paced society.

The advent of an online symptom checker is good news for many people who take their health as a priority. Most of the time, the only reason why people hesitate to consult a doctor is that it takes time away from their very busy schedules. Every person who has had this experience will certainly appreciate the efficiency of an application in helping them manage their health on a daily basis.

Image: Pixagay.com

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