May 7, 2018

Perfect Solutions for the Nootriment Drugs

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 3 Years ago
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The fact is that nootropics act individually. The effects obtained depend strongly on the properties of your body and on what you do while you take them. In addition, most nootropics have a cumulative effect (the results only affect themselves over time), so it is rather difficult to record.

The Differentiations of the Drugs

In general, the whole range of Nootriment drugs can be divided into three groups. First is harmless, but (almost) ineffective. These are vitamins for the brain like glycine. It has amino acid, which is really important for memory and cognitive processes that our body develops independently. If you have enough of this drug, the effect will depend only on your ability to self-hypnosis.

Effective, but unsafe

You either do not find these drugs in legal sale or you can get only by prescription. These include, for example, Ritalin, Modafinil, Adderol and Pramiracetam. They strongly affect the nervous system and can cause addiction. In US, some of them are banned and are considered drugs.

Moderately effective and safe

Drugs that can act as a placebo, and also improve the blood supply to the brain. They stimulate the production of certain neurotransmitters or have a retarding effect and help to remove irritability and improve concentration. Fenotropil, for example, rather disperses and Fenibut, on the contrary, calms the nervous system (although in some cases it can cause heart rhythm disturbance and anxiety). If you have problems with the blood supply of the brain, such drugs will really help, if it is all right, if the mood is correct, the placebo effect will come to your rescue.

The Results for the Drugs Now

And more recently, the results of a large-scale, (albeit informal) study of nootropics were published, in which 850 people took part. There were no clinical trials. The participants simply answered several interviews about their experience with the use of such drugs. The highest marks in it were received in addition to the banned Adder and Modafinil, domestic preparations Fenibut, Semax and Cerebrolyzin. Even if the action of legal nootropics on healthy people reduces to a placebo, it is possible to distinguish different degrees of their effectiveness. Some drugs for some reason act better than others.

The Responses

In general, responses about nootropics are more than contradictory. Intellect is too complex a human property, which, moreover, strongly depends on heredity. Therefore, it is unlikely to improve it simply with the help of chemical compounds. In addition to purely medical, there are also ethical considerations. Someone thinks that this is simply dishonest.

This can be interesting

Cognitive mechanisms of the brain have not been studied enough, and pharmacology has lagged behind neurosciences for decades. Among the most popular nootropics are now still those substances that were synthesized in the 60-70s of the last century. It is hoped that the invention of truly effective and at the same time harmless drugs that improve brain function is a matter for the near future.

Perfect Use of the Nootropic Drugs

Almost all popular Nootriment were originally developed for patients with severe cognitive impairment. If in the medical application the benefits of some of them have been proved, then they apparently do not work for healthy people. The conclusion is this, if you have everything in order with blood supply and brain work, the action of nootropics will be limited to just less than completely by your subjective sensations.

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