September 7, 2019
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  • Keeping Your Workplace Free From THC Using a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Keeping Your Workplace Free From THC Using a Hair Follicle Drug Test

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 2 Years ago
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Drug tests are very common among employers and some companies are doing it every year to make sure their employees are clean. There are a few tests that can be done and the most popular is urine type. This will probably change in a few years because it isn’t that reliable and people have found a way to cheat on it easily. Hair follicle test is much more reliable and not so easy to cheat on but still, employees find a way to do it.

The time they have to detox will depend on the drug and when the testing is going to happen. There are many tutorials on How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test For Weed And Other Substances online but when it comes to hair test, only a couple of things will work. Most common thing is the use of detox shampoos and combining it with other hair supplements to make sure there are no traces of THC or other drugs.

Testing Process

The testing process is very simple and it can be done in one day unless someone request to do it again if they fail. Every person has a second chance because some foods have chemicals that can show up on the test. Many people think that they can fool hair follicle test by cutting their hair, but you need to remember that hair from any body part can be taken as the sample.

Testers will take about an inch and a half of hair from the back of your head. The sample will be all the way from the skull in order to get information about what was recent in your body. That is the standard for testing but when doing it yourself, you can take even a larger sample to check a longer period of time. An inch and a half will only check the last 90 days which is enough for checking employees.

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When to Test?

It’s important for the employees to know in advance when it is going to happen because sudden tests are against the law in some countries. There are examples when you can do it at the moment but those are rare moments when something goes wrong. Work safety is an important factor for every company so there are plenty of reasons to screen employees.

Before you sign the contract with an employee you can demand that they need to do a drug test in order to be hired. This is a routine for many companies but that doesn’t mean that every big company does it. An employer can demand a drug screen if the employee’s appearance is suspicious. Maybe they have a certain smell, behavior or speech.

Random tests aren’t done that often, maybe once in a few years and it is meant to check if someone is coming to the job under influence of alcohol or any drug. A drug test must be done only in the situation when there was an accident. The police and insurance company needs to determine if the ones responsible was on drugs.

Testing Current Employees

If you have a private business, you should know that legal constraints exist when it comes to testing employees. Depending on the state, you won’t always be able to organize testing for all employees it has to be for an individual. Even for one person, you will need to have a good reason because they might lose their job because of it.

One of the best reasons to test someone is after an accident. This is supported by courts because they are putting at risk other people. If someone who operates a certain machine that can be dangerous for others isn’t functioning as they should, they are a perfect target for the test. Another reason is if they won’t provide an answer to a simple question about the job.

How They Pass It?

Majority of people that aren’t well informed about drug tests think that blood is the perfect sample to check if someone has a drug in their system. But, blood and saliva are the worst samples because they show results only for a few hours after using. Hair follicle test, on the other hand, can check the longest period of time. This is why it is becoming a more popular way to test employees.

For every test, there is a product to use for cheating and the same goes for the hair follicle test. A most popular option is to use detox shampoos and their success rate is pretty high. The shampoos are much stronger than classic shampoos everyone uses at home. It will damage your hair but there won’t be any traces of THC. To make it more reliable, people are adding other hair products to clean it thoroughly.

The second way to pass it is naturally which takes the same time as your hair growth. You will need to wait until you grow a new inch and a half of hair. That usually takes around 100 days but you can’t be sure because it depends on an individual. There are many home remedies you can find online but most of them won’t work without a detox shampoo. Read more on this page.

Interesting Facts

There are many interesting facts about people that use marijuana while at the workplace. One in every five potential employees won’t accept the job when they realize the company does drug testing. Some of the biggest companies like Red Bull, Whole Foods, Twitter and Google don’t drug test their employees. If you are the one that uses marijuana, you should know that half of the employees will lose confidence in you.

Things you should think about include the information you are giving to your coworkers. This will much depend on the environment but still, some parts of your private life should stay unsaid. If you own a business, you should state from the start to your employees, what are your policies in the company.

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