How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery Anyway?

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 3 Years ago
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Lasek continues to be attempted and tested over its 23 many years of existence. Over 36,000,000 LASIK procedures happen to be performed around the world, and no-one has lost a watch from getting the process. The danger connected with lasek is under that connected with contacts, and so far as infection goes, it represents a little one-time risk, instead of the ongoing chance of infection with contacts.

Laser eye surgery’s safety continues to be attempted and assessed by government and military organisations like the US Navy, the Australian Army, and NASA. Their investigations reveal that blade-free LASIK (ie. developing a corneal flap having a femtosecond laser) is protected and approved for that SAS, Top Gun pilots and NASA astronauts.

Professional sportspeople also provide used lasek to make sure their finest performance in the game. Including sportspeople for example Tiger Forest and David Beckham, whose vision correction procedures unquestionably enables these to perform in their peak.

Despite getting this kind of exceptional safety profile however, lasek continues to be surgery, and for that reason will invariably have the possibility for complications. Such complications are usually rare and try to manageable though, that we will talk about below.


LASIK surgical treatment is performed around the eye, a natural tissue. Though the process is very accurate, there’s a typical 3-4% risk the correction is going to be decent although not absolutely optimal. In these instances, It’s my job to hold out 3 several weeks to guarantee the stability from the residual glasses prescription, then lift exactly the same corneal flap produced earlier to “tweakInch the procedure’s outcome. These enhancements are minor corrections, and therefore are therefore better. An advantage of lasek is the fact that, although highly stable within the lengthy term, should anybody experience any refraction transfer of their vision, enhancements like these could be at just about any time later on.

Chance of infection:

As pointed out before, the speed of infection because of lasek procedures is very low, far under infections caused by contacts. Corneal scarring caused by infection occurs even under this, for a price of under one in 20,000. Of course this occurs, it’s correctible having a corneal transplant. Like a corneal subspecialist, I have performed lots of corneal transplants, but have not had to do one because of this.

Corneal flap issues:

Blade LASIK introduced the chance of creating an abnormal flap (like a buttonhole flap). However, blade-free (femtosecond laser) LASIK eliminates this risk altogether, these types of this enhanced safety, it’s the only type of lasek I perform.

With blade-free lasek, inflammation underneath the flap can occasionally occur (this really is known as diffuse lamellar keratitis), and could be managed by a rise in anti-inflammatory eye drops. If cells around the cornea grow (epithelium – a really rare occurence), they’ll generally absorb and disappear. When they ever proliferate, the flap could be lifted and also the offending cells removed.

Dry Eye:

Temporary dry eye phenomenon is produced once the nerves from the cornea are cut, which occurs during lasek. It will take about 3 several weeks of these nerves to regenerate. During this period I’d advise replenishing the tear film with lubricating drops.


Ectasia is fortunately a really rare occurrence by which laser vision correction causes the cornea to get too pliable, and for that reason bulges forward with time. Extreme installments of ectasia happen to be remedied by corneal transplantation, however fortunately pre-operative screening of patients has elevated in precision, meaning candidates unacceptable for lasek are nearly always identified prior to the procedure. Recent advances within the manner of bovine collagen mix-linking also enables us to prevent this rare complication from progressing further, and lets the individual maintain their vision while staying away from a cornea transplant. I’m certainly one of couple of eye surgeons around australia who’s experienced within this and may carry it out within my surgery, however I have not required to carry it out by myself patients.

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