Five Conditions Physiotherapy Can Treat

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Whether you’ve been injured in an accident, had a sports-related injury, or suffered a medical issue such as a stroke, you may be able to benefit from physiotherapy. Before beginning treatments, a physiotherapist will evaluate your condition and then customise a treatment plan for your needs. Here are five conditions that physiotherapy can help treat and improve.

Muscle Aches

Physiotherapy is great for treating conditions involving the musculoskeletal system, such as backaches. By using hands-on therapies such as massage, physio can help reduce muscle aches and loosen stiff joints throughout the body. Massage is a drug-free way of providing pain relief from injuries and chronic conditions; plus, it improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Sports-Related Injuries

Physio is often used for rehabilitating injuries from accidents or related to playing sports. Using massage therapy along with acupuncture, exercise, and manipulation can help amateur and professional athletes recover from their injuries and get back on the playing field or to training as soon as they can.

With their hands, physiotherapists can use controlled movements to keep muscles and joints flexible and loose so the body doesn’t get too stiff during the periods of inactivity that it may experience while recovering.


People who suffer from arthritis will experience stiff, sore joints that reduce their range of motion and make it difficult to walk. Fortunately with a physio in Warwick, those with arthritic conditions can receive treatments that can improve their range of motion and ability to get around on their own. Hands-on therapies such as massage, water therapy, and exercises such as Pilates or yoga can help reduce stiffness and improve flexibility.

Medical Rehabilitation

People who have experienced medical problems such as strokes, heart attacks, and pulmonary problems can get help during recovery from physiotherapists. Their treatments can be used to build muscle, improve circulation, and help improve bodily functions.

Physio can also help people recover more quickly after they’ve had surgery, whether it was to treat an injury or a medical problem. It can also help people recover after serious accidents in which they may need to learn how to use their bodies again to sit up and walk.

Strengthens Pelvic Muscles

After women give birth or experience menopause, their pelvic muscles weaken. When those muscles are weak, women can experience urinary incontinence, an increased urgency to urinate, or pelvic organ prolapse. Physiotherapists can teach women exercises to strengthen their pelvic floors to prevent these problems during and after pregnancy as well as after menopause.

Physio uses many hands-on techniques, exercises, and other types of therapies to help patients recover from many medical conditions, heal from serious injuries, and rehabilitate after surgery. Physio can help reduce recovery time so you can get back to your normal life.

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