February 4, 2019

Do You Need an Adjustment?

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 2 Years ago
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Chiropractors can make adjustments in your life that will make you feel much better overall. That is why it pays to see a chiropractic specialist about back pain or other joint discomforts. By working with a chiropractic professional, you can get rid of this type of discomfort and enhance your life. Using the services of a chiropractor will also prevent you from depending on pain medication.

Many times, patients complain about taking pain medicines because of the side effects. Not only do they feel woozy, they may feel disjointed. When this happens, they often would rather suffer from back pain rather than feeling out of it. That is why they end up turning to a chiropractor in Melbourne for help.

Relieve High Blood Pressure

Not only can getting a chiropractic adjustment resolve back pain and pressure, it can also relieve high blood pressure. One study revealed that getting an adjustment helps relieve hypertension, much like high blood pressure medicines.

Just like pain medicines, high blood pressure medications can cause negative side effects. These effects include tiredness, nausea, anxiety, dizziness, and weight loss. However, when a person with high blood pressure and/or back pain receives a chiropractic adjustment, his or her blood pressure drops and his pain subsides without any negative interference.

Besides back pain, a chiropractic adjustment also relieves neck pain. Whilst you can opt for surgery, it is still better to try a less invasive procedure first. Whether you need to relieve back or neck pain, the cost of an adjustment is far less than surgery. If you want to relieve mild or chronic pain and reduce your overall medical costs, seeing a chiropractor just makes better sense.

Do You Have Scoliosis?

Some people who see a chiropractor suffer from a condition known as scoliosis. This condition, which is a curvature of the spine, causes pain and a reduction in a person’s range of motion. In some cases, patients have trouble breathing. Most patients with scoliosis have few treatment options. However, they can find relief by having a chiropractic adjustment made.

By combining physical therapy with chiropractic treatment, scoliosis patients can prevent the progression of their condition. While the outcome varies from one patient to the next, it still is a viable alternative.

Relief of Sciatica Pain

Maybe you have sciatica, or a pain that radiates from the back down to the legs. If so, you have damaged the sciatic nerve. This type of chronic pain can lead you to using too much medicine to seek relief. That is where a chiropractic adjustment works. Studies demonstrate that receiving regular adjustments allows patients to experience less severe pain.

Chiropractic treatments can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation. When inflammation affects the joints, it can also trigger other conditions, such as chronic pain, heart ailments, or cancer. A reduction in inflammation, however, reduces muscle tension, relieves joint pain, and brings back pain relief for many people.

Chiropractors also use their skills to eliminate tension and migraine headaches. These headaches often result from back pain or spinal discomfort. Misalignment of the back can also lead to headaches. By depending on a chiropractor, you can find a good deal of relief. Schedule an appointment today.

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