November 29, 2017
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  • Anavar: Dealing With Its Benefits and Side Effects

Anavar: Dealing With Its Benefits and Side Effects

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 3 Years ago
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Anavar, or which is also known as Oxandrolone, is one of the most potent steroids that is well-tolerated in nature. This is one of the few steroids that can be consumed safely by both men and women. Also, with its side effects, everything is friendly. Of course, that applies to proper dosing. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders have already left comentarios about this impressive anabolic steroid. To learn more about it, here are some details you need to comprehend.

 A Short History of Anavar

Anavar was first released in the 1960s by G.d Searle & co. and was already used by a lot because of its obtained therapeutic qualities. However, Searle discontinued the use of Anavar in 1989 because of what the FDA told regarding the handling of this hormone. It was then in 1995 where Oxandrolone re-appears because of what the Bio-Technology had done. Because of this, up until today, Anavar is still used among athletes and bodybuilders around the world.

All Those Impressive Benefits of Anavar

Anavar offers tons of benefits. Many people, men and women alike, love to take this steroid because of its exceptional advantages.

It suppresses appetite.

One thing that makes fitness competitors love Anavar is how it helps them reduce their cravings. With this, it is much easier for them to maintain a healthy diet.

It increases muscle stamina.

Bodybuilders are usually seen inside the gym. For them, they need something to take so they will not get tired easily. With this, having Anavar can help them a lot to stay longer at the gym.

It helps with agility retention.

When muscles are not bulky, that is when female athletes love this steroid. It is because taking it with proper workout makes them strong without having that bulky look. Also, it helps in retaining their agility which is pretty useful for their performance.

It brings small muscle gains.

Women do not want to be as bulky as men does which makes Anavar a good choice of steroid. This steroid offers small muscle gains which allow women to have a fit, well-trimmed, and tough body.

It improves cardiovascular endurance.

Anavar helps in transporting oxygen right to your muscles, especially when it comes to working out for too long. Of course, for bodybuilders, the longer their workout is, the more output they can make.

Nasty Effects You’ll Get to Experience in Anavar

Though Anavar is called as an exceptional steroid, still, it offers side effects. What it does is it can cause acne, headache, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, oily skin, skin color changes, and either increased or decreased sexual appetite. There are also those users who have experienced depression, anxiety, breast swelling, trouble urinating, prolonged erections, and trouble sleeping. Whenever these side effects are already bothering you, say it already affects your function and performance, then you need to go straight to your doctor. It’s better to have your doctor check you to give you medications that can lessen these side effects.

And one thing that you must not miss is to see to it that you followed the recommended dosage.

Proper Dosage Required for Men and Women

      Dosage of Anavar differs to achieve a user’s goal.

  • In Cutting Fat

Having a cut and lean body is a great sight to see. There are fitness competitors who always want to get cut and lean but with lesser bulk on their feature. Men need 50 mg and women should have 10 mg only.

  • In Adding Bulk

To add up bulk which male needs, having an average dose of 75 mg is good to go. As for women, they only need to have 25 mg of it to keep on working with that needed bulk.

  • In Improving Strength

To boost strength, men should take around 25 mg of the steroid. As for women, a 5 mg dosage is completely fine with them.

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