October 30, 2018
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  • A Novel Approach to Restorative Therapy: The Facts You Need to Know About Float Pods

A Novel Approach to Restorative Therapy: The Facts You Need to Know About Float Pods

  • by Jose Smithe
  • 1 year ago
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Due to the fact that we spend the bulk of our time staring at social media platforms and digital ads, it seems as though we are relentlessly inundated with new fangled fads, stopgap trends, and superficial vogues, especially when it comes to health and wellness solutions.

However, it’s important to note that float pod therapy is very different from the quick fixes, purported cure-alls, and other snake oil cons that claim to be the answer to all of your mental and physical woes.

This illuminating report will shine a light on float therapy in Perth and explain exactly why this salutary treatment option is worth your while.

Understanding the Science

You might have heard that we only use 10% of our brains, while the rest of our brain power is basically wasted or diverted to second nature tasks that dictate our digestive system, lungs, heartbeat, and other functions that we cannot necessarily control.

This is not true.

Recent psychosomatic investigations found that our brains are very active at all times, and virtually every facility therein is working at full force round-the-clock. The 10% misconception can be attributed to the efficiency of our brains, namely in terms of how the mind responds to stress, anxiety, fatigue, and external provocations.

More than six decades ago, the esteemed neuroscientist John Cunningham Lilly determined that the human body is capable of extraordinarily effective healing and stress relief when exposed to settings that moderate sensory-based stimulants. To put it plainly, our minds are most productive when placed in locations that are free from distractions and commotions because the brain’s intrinsic faculties become stronger, more vivacious, and deeply focused.

This is precisely where float pod therapy enters the equation.

How Does it Work?

Float pod therapy embodies the central aspects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, which is colloquially (and appropriately) abbreviated as REST. This curative concept can be likened to meditation, but it is much more straightforward:

  • The float pods at your local recovery studio are situated in opulent rooms that are sequestered and shielded from all peripheral noises.
  • The float pod is a new-age, intricately manufactured shell that contains a pool of sanitised, body-temperature water and first-class Epsom salts, which creates a mixture that allows the human body to float in what can only be described as a weightless, anti-gravity pool of water.
  • Once you enter the float pod, you’ll lie down and hover in an ethereal environment. This instantly transmutes your brainwaves and allows your mind to begin producing beneficial endorphins and compounds, such as serotonin, melatonin, and other feel-good chemicals.

The unique amalgamation within the pod blurs the lines between where your body ends and the liquid begins, which essentially alters the internal frequencies in your mind and enables you to experience the equivalent of six hours of REM sleep in less than 60 minutes. Float pod therapy is also acutely linked to assuaged migraines, enhanced temperament, enriched joint health, alleviated blood pressure, musculoskeletal reprieve, and heightened intestinal functionality.

Nevertheless, the only way to experience the invigorating, enlivening effects of float recovery is to visit your community studio and engage in an introductory session. Countless Australians swear by this variation of therapy, and it is far more cost-conscious than chiropody treatments, professional acupressure, and remedial massage, so be sure to give it a shot. One session can make a world of difference.

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